Friday, May 29, 2009

Fredcast audio report on the Davis Double Century

David, of The Fredcast, my favorite cycling podcast, used my audio report (direct link) of the 2009 Davis Double Century in his latest podcast. It's like being almost famous. You can subscribe, or listen to it on the web page for episode #126. I'm at about minute 41.

You really should listen to the Fredcast if you like cycling, but if podcasts are just too confusing, here's a direct link to just my audio report. It's an m4a file, so it should play just fine.

It was interesting trying to ride and talk at the same time. I have no experience as an audio reporter, so it was fun pretending to be one. I was amazed how many people said "Huh?" when I told them I was recording for a podcast. It was also interesting trying to sort out all the audio when I got home. It's not like sorting images, which can go pretty fast. Because audio exists in real time I had to listen to it a lot. I gave me even more respect for This American Life, a great radio show and podcast.

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