Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wine Country Century = Wet Country Century

We had planned to do the Wine Country Century that starts in Santa Rosa, but with the possibility of rain (30% according to Weather Underground) we thought we'd do the 100K route. But plans don't always work out exactly as one hopes. As kb5ql over on commented: "It rained. And rained. And KEPT RAINING. It didn't stop. It rained some more. Did I mention it RAINED?"

Then we missed the 100K turn marker, which had been rained off the road. We ended up on the 100 route with a lot more climbing. That turned out to be a good thing as climbing was about the only way to stay warm. Normally uphill is a grunt, downhill is a reward. This time up was a warming relief, down in rivers of flowing water was worrisome at best.

Tricia rocked. She is so tough! She just cranked her way through the day. I, however, got so cold and wet after the first rest stop if there had been any way to just concede and just be warm again I would have done it. But there was no one to surrender to. Eventually pedaling hard warmed me up. After about 40-something miles we though we'd had enough of that kind of fun and took a 10-mile bail out back to the car.

  • Best thing about the ride: Hot peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! What a grand idea.
  • Second best thing: No problems with the rims heating up on big downhills.
  • Feature: Tricia say she didn't dehydrate at all, she just absorbed all the water she needed.
  • Feature 2: No wheel suckers. My massive rooster tail kept them all at bay.
  • Feature 3: Sunscreen savings!
  • Bonus fun 1: Missed the 100K turn and ended up on the 100 mile route
  • Bonus fun 2: Flatting in the rain. That makes it a full-experience ride, and it didn't cost any extra!
  • Priceless: Bailing after 52 frozen wet miles and going wine tasting on the drive home.

Learning experiences:
  • Water resistant doesn't mean what I thought it meant.
  • "Thirty percent chance of rain" still leaves a lot of room for a downpour.
  • I worried about the weight of my bike, but failed to factor in 97.3 pounds of wet clothes.
  • 52 miles
  • 2700 feet of climbing
  • 1 case Sarah
  • About 1.5 hours of grunge grime filth bike cleaning on Sunday

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