Friday, January 03, 2020

2020 Diablo summit

Once again, our pilgrimage to up to the Mt. Diablo Summit with its 3,760 feet of climbing to kick off the year. We cheated a bit and waited until January 2 just to avoid the madhouse of New Years Day. But still we kicked off the year right.

I think it's getting more steep each year. Tricia says it's because the mountain was created by geologic compression and uplift, and is still uplifting. It's happening slowly enough that kids don't notice, but those of us who have been riding awhile can tell it's a little harder to get up every year.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2019 year end totals

That's 7,231 miles. When nothing goes wrong that seems to be about what I get in a year. Lots of commutes, one good tour (two weeks in Germany and Austria this year,) lots of 30-40 miler on weekends and a few organized rides all adds up.
While the mileage seems to stay the same, I am getting slower. That's annoying, but oh well.

For the record, Tricia hit 5,207. She says she's blaming her grandkids for distracting her. But she's added running to her life, so I don't see her as slacking off at all.