Thursday, November 28, 2019

650b gravel conversion, The Supple Life, slight progress

When we last left our hero he (meaning me) was lamenting the lack of clearance for the Specialized Pathfinder Pros 47mm tires on the back end  of his gravel/commuter bike , whining in general, and wondering what to do.

The front tire fit, so even though I'd have a mismatched pair I ordered a Soma Cazadero in 42 hoping it would fit. It appears to. Yea! And now I have a backup front tire (like that's something I need.)

I also bought an 11-36 cassette and a RoadLink. I've put the cassette on and am going to see if it will work without the RoadLink. Internet research is inconclusive.

I also bought a RedShift ShockStoop suspension stem because it was on sale, I had a weak moment and can't resist innerCaps in product names.

A lot of my testing will have to wait until Winter break as I use my bike in fully fendered glory every day for my commute.

Slowly things are happening, tough I don't know where it will all end. Maybe the whole project is silly and I should have just planned on using my old 90s Cannondale hardtail mountain bike with its triple chain ring and eight-speed drive train. But would that really have been as much fun and stress?