Saturday, March 31, 2018

Empire Mine Road near Sand Creek: Antioch jewel

I'm working on a longer video about our favorite three miles in Antioch: Empire Mine Road near Sand Creek. If we don't act this beautiful area will be covered in houses that won't have adequate police, fire, roads or schools. That's Tricia, riding it while it's still there.

e-BART Antioch and the parking problem

I've been reading and thinking about their ideas. One is that there's just too much parking that isn't utilized at malls, schools, churches and businesses. Why can't one lot serve many purposes? With a little planning, maybe it can.

Plus, I needed an excuse to but a quadcopter, and doing some advocacy videos seemed like a perfect idea.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring break

Descending to end our ride. 
Curtis: We have 2999 feet of climbing. I need to find one more foot.
Tricia: Just leave the Garmin on the bike when you lift it to the bike rack.