Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cyanotypes and bike parts

Cyanotype bike parts snap_2344 You may know that in my other life, when I'm not on a bicycle, I'm a professor who teaches, among other things, photography. Lately I've been working with cyanotypes as a way to reconnect with the physical part of photography in an increasingly digital world. It's been fun.

My first effort, at Tricia's suggestion, was to make photograms of bike parts, much in the way Anna Atkins did with seaweed in the 1840s. I liked the results enough that I framed a set. I'm not sure how I'll move forward with this. It might be fun to try making them on fabric. Or maybe use nicer paper. But there will be more.
Cyanotype bike parts snap_framed

Friday, June 12, 2015

It might be art

I'm starting to get angry phone calls in the middle of the night, threatening me with all sorts of bad things if I don't post more content here. I'm hoping to live a little longer by repurposing these Instagram photos....

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Tricia at the Sand Creek underpass in Brentwood. Someone painted it, and now it looks totally cool and is less scary and more cheerful.

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If you haven't ridden the American River Bike Trail in Sacramento you're missing out. It isn't epic, but it is often very pretty.

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I'm in a Facebook group about "Look at pictures of my bike leaning on stuff" so I leaned on this poster in Sacramento.