Monday, April 27, 2009

Diablo Century 2009

Tricia on morgan
Tricia and Joyce at the top of Morgan Territory Road.

The first ever Diablo Century hosted by the Jewish Community Center in Walnut Creek was a delight. They did a great job, even without considering it was their first. Good route markings, interesting food, cool logo, nice after dinner ride. But the star was the route. ride this area a lot, but they found a good to get us from Walnut Creek to Morgan Territory. Then Livermore to Sunol, over to Hayward/Castro Valley, down through Canyon and Moraga, up to Orinda and back to WC in 100 miles and just a bit over 6000 feet of climbing.

It was a bit cool and windy, but Tricia and I along with our friends all had a grand time. I'd have bought a jersey if they offered one.

Elevation profile here
Huge map here
Google Earth Fly-over KMZ file (download and play in Google Earth)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Los Vaqueros Dam Time Trial 2009

The big news: Tricia took first in her group! First race, first medal. First in the family to get a cycling first. She wasn't even going to enter, but I talked her into it when we got there. As Tricia points out, it was a category of two. But that isn't her fault, and she did beat everyone who showed up. What more could she have done?

My goal was to better my 11:10 of last year; to come in under 11:00. This year there was a lot of wind and I thought I'd be in trouble. But I hit 10:51, and finished fourth in my group, 2.5 seconds out of third. Tricia has told me I must stop obsessing about that 2.5 seconds. But I can't. I left everything I had on the course. My heart rate was at 102% of what I had thought was my max for most of the way. It's amazing how much you can hurt in only three miles.

It was a delightful and fun day in the sun. The event was well run, and the other cyclists were fun to visit with. I'm already looking forward to the event next year.

It was also nice to see my two favorite local bicycle companies there supporting the event, The Brentwood Bike Company and The Wheel Peddler. Thank youz guys!

This was the second Dam Trial put on by the folks at the Contra Costa Water District Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed I enjoyed the first, but this one was better. They had ankle bands that measured time, which was very nice. The Tee Shirts they gave out aren't white, which is a big plus in my book. They had food goodies and plenty of water. It was just an all-around well run event. Here's hoping it grows over the years.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lots of Bears

Bikeforums NorCal Matt along the Scenic Drive

I rode 8 of the 3 Bears this weekend.

Saturday was a Slowpoke ride that included 2 of the 3 Bears on Bear Creek Road. Tricia and went on that 34-mile fun-fest and had a grand time. A grand slow time.

When LanceOldStrong broke a shifter cable we stopped in at Sharp Bicycle in Lafayette to get a replacement. Tricia saw a jacket that was exactly what she'd been looking for. And being as it was only half price we bought it. Pretty swell, no?

Sunday I went out with 2 other NorCal riders and did 48 miles with 4717 feet of climbing. We did the Bears out and back, along Pig Farm Hill both ways and a loop through the Scenic Drive along the river near Martinez.
The weather was perfect. It was one of those "I love California so much" kind of days.Curtis and Matt along the river.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I've joined the Sidi cult.

Tricia and I went to two East Bay bike swaps on Sunday.

I wasn't going to buy anything. Really. At least not much. I got a couple of tires for the commuter bike at a good price. It was all going well. Lots to look at, but really, I didn't need to buy

Then Tricia started looking at shoes at a booth I'd walked past. She couldn't find what she wanted in her size, but as she was going through boxes and such we stumbled on a pair that looked nice, are way cool, and just happened to fit me perfectly. So it's all her fault. Well, not all her fault. All the folks that just won't shut up about Sidi didn't help me stay strong. So, there I was, pulling out dollars, leaving with shoes.

These aren't just shoes. They come with a shoe bag and two instruction manuals in oddly translated-from-Italian phrases. And stickers. The stickers might have been what really pushed me over the top.

I did, however, at least get Tricia a jersey to punish her for causing me to spend money.

Anyway, I'm in that shoe club now.

And now that I have my cleats mounted and have given them a test spin, I am amazed. They feel so good. All shoes should cradle your feet and make them happy like these do. No wonder there is a Sidi cult.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

100 miles solo

Tricia went off to ride the Valley Sokesmen's Cinderella Classic, a women only ride, and left me on my own. My planned ride fell through, so I decided to make up my own adventure. I often sign up for century events, mainly because it seems safer to ride with a lot of other folks, and it's nice to have mechcanicial support and food stops. Today I decided to do it on my own. It turned out to be fun, and not particularly epic. I ended up at 101.7 miles and 6052 feet of climbing.

The route: My house in Antioch to Pittsburg and Bay Point, over the Willow Pass Grade on the bike path, down the freeway for a mile (Yes, it's legal for that short span,) on to Pleasant Hill near PH BART, out to Pig Farm Hill, over the Three Bears, Orinda to Lafayette to Danville, up the Southgate of Diablo, down the North, Back to Walnut Creek for lunch (met Tricia after her ride.) I BARTED back to Bay Point and rode home.

Sightings: The Pink Lady! I stopped and chatted a moment. I didn't ask her name, but her stuffed animal is named "Moosey."
Saw "jonathanb715" of bikeforums out on the Bears.
The poppies are out in force on Mt. Diablo. I love California!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting ready for Davis

I think I'm doing a good job of getting ready for the Davis Double. I did a windy century Sunday and on Tuesday I went out with OrbeaJ on a last-minute Diablo ride. Up Northgate, Down South, loop around Blackhawk, the back up Southgate and home. It was a reasonable amount of climbing an I actually felt pretty darn good at the end.
I sure like this year's Davis jersey, so I darn well better be able to ride and finish.