Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tour of California Sacramento finish 2010

Curtis and Lance

It was a tough race, but even wearing blue jeans I managed to nudge out Radio Shack's Armstrong in the end. Either that or Nissan had a booth with a green screen and a bike on a trainer where they'd photograph you and give you a print.

The "lifestyle festival" was fun, even though I can't say "lifestyle" without gagging just a bit. We drooled over 12 pound bikes and graffitti-decorated cruisers. Tricia got a Hincappie jersey and I bought super light tires at much less than half price at the Kenda booth. I really wanted the $300 Skinz bib shorts, but managed to talk myself out of spending that kind of money. We also picked up some carbon wheels (picked up, not bought) that seemed like a good deal at $2500.

Watching the Sacramento Grand Prix was amazing. It's really magic when the pelton blows past creating wind like a semi truck and sounds like a machine shop.
Tricia at Amgen Tour of California

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bike to Work Day posters 2010

My graphic design class designed posters for Los Medanos College Bike to Work Day. Here's a quick slide show of the best ones. You can also look at it full screen.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Serious injury or death

I peeled eleven stickers off my new Specialized Roubaix Expert. Most were silly, but the "serious injury or death" is somewhat worrisome. But still, not as worrisome as the type choice Specialized made for these stickers. I went a bit nuts and rode the bike without reading all the instructions. I wonder if I missed anything really important?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Specialized Roubaix Expert

It's here! It's here! I finely got the bike of my dreams, and so far it seems to ride like a dream. From the first short test up a really beat up Antioch street to today's descent down Mt. Diablo it's been even nicer than I'd hoped for.

Details: Specialized Roubaix Expert. Full Ultegra 6700. Triple (52-39-30 with 12-28)

I changed out the stock Avatar saddle after a 30-second test and put a Specialized Toupe 130 on it, which fits me better, is lighter and as a bonus, just looks swell.

As much as I like the package, I do have a few quibbles. Why they put 42 cm bars on a 52 cm bike is beyond me. It seems like a mismatch. I've got 40s on order at the shop. Other than the width, though, the bars feel great. I really like the shallow drop.

I wish they'd have shipped reach spacers with the bike. The new Ultegra 6700 has reach adjust with inserts. I have small hands and like pretty compact shifters. I'd ordered the inserts online. They're only a couple of bucks, but it seems like they should have been included.

The wheels are very nice looking. Perhaps a bit more weighty than my American Classic 420s, but they look sharp. I'm already looking forward to the tires wearing out so I'll have an excuse to put on something I like more than the stock Specialized All Terrain extra-heavy-seeming tires.

But the darn bike looks so sharp I haven't added the second water bottle cage, the GPS, seat bag or pump yet. I know I need to so the bike will be really practical, but it's hard to hang all that junk on it when it looks so clean now. I'll just have to ride with Tricia a while and steal her tube and pump if I flat.

It may be uncool, but I am enjoying the triple thus far. The 52-39-30 chain rings seem to fit my riding more than the compact 50-34 on my other bike. And I have no ego about dropping into the granny. It just works for me.

Tricia and I went up Diablo's South Gate with BikeForum.net's RoboChem (Cliff) to shake out adjustment details and try it on a hill. He said he's never been in anyone's blog before, so here he is. The ride up was easy, and the ride down, even in the wind, was very stable. The way the bike sucks up vibration and bumps is confidence inspiring.

My sweet daughter has been in Italy in a study abroad program. She said she saw this jersey through a window in the back of a shop as she walked past and thought I'd love it. She was so very right. And it's even better because it came from her. Here's a photo of it.