Sunday, May 24, 2009

NorCal Exploding Tire Century

Curtis in his new "Tube Top." Photo liberated from Deborah Gallagher (Thanks!)

We met up in Rancho Cordova to ride 100 miles with our NorCal friends. We had the best weather you can imagine. Not too warm, not too hot, and a mild breeze. The route was a delight and had just a delightful amount of climbing. Joel, the man who organized the ride, had tee shirts made.

It was all good. Except that I flatted more than I ever had. I think we figured it out at flat 6. (I'd lost count by then.) There was a small tear in the sidewall. I mean, really small. But at 120 pounds of pressure the tube must have been just oozing through it enough to make a bubble and explode. Once we booted the tire with a handy Park sticky boot the tubes stopped exploding.

I was grateful to be riding with such kind and patient people. I'd have just shot me and tossed me in a ditch after flat number two.

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