Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Foxy's Fall Century 2021

Tricia at the top of Heartbreak Hill
The 2021 Foxy's Fall Century in Davis CA was a weird adventure for us. And our first 100 mile effort in a long time.

We'd stayed the night at a low-end Motel 6 so we wouldn't have to drive, and could arrive early to get good parking and registered quickly. 

The Davic Bicycle Club made the morning easy with good coffee and pastries.
But then things started happening. Our friend who was supposed to meet us at 6 a.m. called to say she was having trouble getting the front wheel off her newish bike. She eventually did, but arrived later than we'd have liked. 

When I helped her put the bike together I realized she had a new-style semi-quick-release thru-axle and didn't need the wrench she thought she needed. All that waiting for no reason. 
But eventually we got started.

It was 40°, so I wore a lot of clothes and was pretty comfortable. It eventually got into the high 80s, so I was thankful the Davis Club's drop bag plan, where they take clothes from a water stop back to the ride start for you. I wish they'd have offered that at lunch and not just the first water stop.

Interestingly, the water stops were great. The last one in particular was well-stocked and friendly. Alas, something went wrong at lunch. Maybe it was because we were at the end of lunch time (but still within the "open" time) , but they were out of almost everything and downright stingy with potato chips. And a bit grumpy as well. Thankfully, the last stop made up for it. 

Our friend Kellie struggled with  knee issue, and we ended up waiting for her a few times before she realized she needed to stop making it worse and sagged back. Between the late start, the too-long break at rest stop 1 and waiting the day lasted a long, long time.

Still, we made it. It's good to know we can still knock off 100 miles, even if it takes longer than it used to.
Before her knee totally went South Kellie was lookin' good.

Tricia, Curtis and Kellie, hanging out too long Rest Stop One.