Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rudy Project classic shades

As 2014 winds down I'm trying to tidy up a few spots where items...collect. I came across my now-vintage Rudy Project cycling sunglasses. I haven't worn non-prescription glasses since the 80s, so these are pretty useless for me. I'm not sure why I kept them around so long. Well, maybe I do.

Greg had Oakley shades
I remember buying them. They were so very expensive for a highly price-sensitive youngish lad. I think they were $30, a large investment for a guy on a $200 used Gitane Tour de France. But they had such great facial coverage. And they were cool. Not as cool as Greg Lemond's Oakleys, but close. Now they're old and out of style.

I'd still wear them if I could. Maybe I should get Lasik just so I can. But no, I think I'll seek a new home for them. Perhaps they'll become retro-hip. Or maybe the white ones look Star Wars enough the my friend Kellie will wear them, even though they're older than she is.

Wait: eBay has them for 90 bucks! Maybe I should rethink this.