Wednesday, June 03, 2009

BART bicycle encounter

Tricia and I took our bikes on BART to get close to the Maker Faire and ride the rest of the way.

Sometime after SF a guy got on and sat across from us. He was kind of heavy, not really super fat, but definitely large. He was dressed in blue collar work clothes, and boots.

He had a white Trek Madone with all Ultegra Ice components, super clean white bar tape and a white saddle. It had platform pedals. Everything looked brand new. No computer, pump, bag, scratches. The cassette was a clean as clean could be.

He explained it cost over $4000 and that he took it in every week to be tuned and have the tires filled (huh? tires filled? That's what he said!) and that he'd gone almost 40mph down some hill. I wondered why his bike looked to perfect if he'd actually been out on it. And yet he seemed to know a little. He mentioned that he thought DuraAce cost too much and Ultegra was darn near as good and close enough for him. He said he'd have on different pedals if he weren't just riding around town.

We all got off BART at the last stop. Tricia and I asked directions, waited for the restrooms then eventually got on the road. After about half a mile we see the guy. He's walking his bike along the sidewalk.

I jokingly called out "Shouldn't you be riding that thing?" and he looked up with a surprised expression, as if the idea had not occurred to him. He got on the bike and started riding. Tricia and I stopped for a moment to check a tire and he went by. That's the last we saw of him.

The whole thing seemed only slightly odd a the time, but after a while, and thinking about it, it started seeming odder and odder. What was this guys story?

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  1. orbeaj9:52 PM

    I figured I'd better read your blog before we ride tomorrow. This way we'll have something to talk about!


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