Monday, January 23, 2023

Problems, solutions, more problems

 I realized I haven't blogged since November. There hasn't been much to blog about. Cycling in Watkins Glen NY is...problematic.. in the winter. It's really cold and wet, then there's snow. I know people cycle in this weather, but I'm a California transplant and sub-freezing riding isn't in the cards.

The frozen waterfall just up the street from me.

Plus I got sick. Then I got an ear infection that lasted way to long. But I found some tennis here! It's indoors on Saturday and Sunday nights, about 25 minutes away. One of the players invited my to play indoor pickle ball in a nearby barn (which makes it almost indoors.) 

I also got the garage far enough along to set up my Wahoo trainer and start "Zwifting" again.

Dan (AKA Lance Oldstrong), right, invited me to ride with him on Zwift, which was pretty darn cool. 

Things were looking up. Until I woke up with a very painful Achilles tendon. I'm not sure what caused it. Maybe picking up my normal like after not doing much a while. 

Goolging how to recover

It's been a few days now and I can walk a bit. I'm doing every voodoo thing I can think of; tape, stretches, and such to improve and it seems to be working.

So I'm in the wait zone.