Saturday, September 12, 2009

Castelli, where for art thou?

I sent a letter to Castilli on April 12, 2009 . I never heard back. I'm still disappointed. Perhaps the mighty power of my the internet and my magic blog (read by millions) will prod them into acknowledging my letter.

Please listen to my sad tale, for as sad as it may by, it is filled with Castelli love.
I purchased a pair of your Dome Due Bibshorts and it was love at first ride. They became my new favorites. As you might imagine, I wanted another pair. But I made an error. Perhaps I made two errors.

You may not realize this, but Ergo Due Bibshort reads a lot like Dome Due Bibshort. When I saw “Ergo Due Bibshort” on ebay, new with tags, I was a happy cyclist. It seemed like a good deal, and I ordered them.

When they came, they weren’t the same as my favorites, but I thought, what the heck, they are, after all, Castelli. Though I didn’t love the elastic leg grippers, they worked well holding up my knee warmers. I was OK with them.

Alas, and here is where the sad part starts, I hadn’t had them but a couple of weeks when the shorts developed a problem. The elastic leg band just sort of exploded. Now, I am absolutely a fanatic when I was my cycling clothes. I use gentle powder soap and hand them dry. I didn’t wreck them in the washer, or snag them on something.

I realize you’d like me to go through the dealer, but the dealer is long gone. That isn’t a option for me.
Here’s what I think it would be really swell, and enlarge my already passionate Castelli love:

You should consider giving me some Castelli credit. I would like to return these problem bibs for credit toward my true love bibs, the Dome Due. Or, if that just seems like way too much, you might at least replace them with your Ergo Due Bibshort.
In any event, I shall continue my affair with my Dome Due bibs, and continue to buy my wife more Castelli than even I have.

Thanks for thinking about it.