Friday, February 24, 2023

Training on Zwift

I'm in a new land where going outside to ride is not going to be part of my world. At least not until it gets above freezing or stops snowing. So I bought a Wahoo computer trainer and signed up for Zwift.

I'm undertaking the Zwift "Back to Fitness" 13-week program.

It started with a test to see how strong I'm not (Functional Threshold Power, or FTP test.) That darn test was was very difficult, downright painful, and produced numbers indicating that, yep, I do indeed suck. And no, I'm not posting the numbers.

But the workouts themselves. though serious, are not killing me, which is a relief. Here's hoping they're at least replacing my daily bike commute if not doing more.

I'd been indoor riding doing nothing in particular and listening to audio books. These Zwift workouts are a different animal. I find I need to concentrate to keep my power in the right zone. And because the program has hills, and tells my trainer to make it harder to pedal I need to keep track of my cadence and gearing as well. So no audiobooks. 

I've never been a music and ride guy. I don't need the distraction or audio isolation on the road. But on the trainer I find it really helps. I like roadhouse/Bakersfield beat country, or maybe some rockin' Tom Petty. But so far the best has been the Mavricks. (Play them loud.)

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Everywhere I've ridden my bike

Almost everywhere I rode my bike, anyway. Everywhere since I started using Strava. I used the map Wander creates from Strava data, then recorded the screen as I zoomed out.then assembled it in iMovie. It's missing some Oregon, Canada and all of Yellowstone, but what the heck. 
I hope it will have even more little lines by the end of 2023