Monday, March 05, 2007

I promise myself a new bike

Here's the deal I made with myself: Get under 160 pounds and ride existing bikes 2000 miles and you are allowed to treat yourself to a new bike.
I'm now 155 (from over 190) and have about 500 miles to go to reach 2000.
I've started seriously shopping, and I think I'll roll the dice and get a bicycle.
If you want to read people going nuts, just say over at They are either evil, or the answer to life. A waste of money, or the best deal in town. My plan: To find out, and blog it all here.
I'm looking really hard at the 2007 Motobecane Le Champion SL.
Along the way, I'll post about my commute experiences and other bikes. Let's see how it goes!


  1. Down to 150? Will I recognize you? Congrats on all your hard work/cycling. Make sure you save some energy for tennis, though. We need to reunite in doubles. Goal: world conquest. And/or the DTC's summer circuit/whacker division.

  2. Your new weight certainly looks great on you. We need the west again so my husband and I will ride more often. Until then, I'm going to read more about your bike to get me started here in Great Lakesville. Thanks for blogging. Great job on the goal making and reaching. You make an old friend proud!


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