Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Christmas in March

My new bikesdirect.com Motobecane Le Champion arrived on Monday. Getting a new bike is just like being ten-years-old on Christmas. I had to tell myself "Go slow. Unpack with love and respect. "
Even though UPS and BikesDirect said someone would have to sign for the package the driver left it on my porch. No one was home yet, so it was a good thing.
The box arrived in great shape. It hardly looked like it had been shipped.
I opened the top of the box and the bike lifted right out. Separate from the bike were the seat/seatpost combo and a box of small stuff. I was pleased to see how carefully it was packed. There was a lot of padding and a few special plastic parts to keep it safe. Just unwrapping it took a bit of time. I liked the look a lot, except for the cheeseball reflectors. Yikes, those will have to go right away! I wasn't nuts about the carbon cranks. They looked scuffed up, then I realized they're supposed to look like that. I felt a bit better when Joyce came over and commented that she really liked how they look.
Here it is with the seat/seatpost, stem, handlebars, front brake attached. I still need to add the pedals (they don't come with the bike) and hook up the front derailleur and front brake cables.

When that's done the bike will be "ready," but it won't be ready for me. I'll be changing out the 36-tooth chain ring, moving the front brake control to the right side, hooking up a Paul e-Lever to control the back brake, moving the left brake-shifter a lot, re-taping the bars, and likely changing the front caliper from the Cane Creek to the Dura Ace model I have on my other bike.
All in all, this seems like it's been a great deal so far. Now I just have to finish it and actually get on it!
Buy the way, all photos are clickable to see larger versions.

UPDATE: Paul Components hasn't shipped my brake lever yet. %#!$%?&


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    congrats on the new bike! i bought the same model and used the parts to build up another frame i had. don't listen to the detractors. you've got yourself a good bike with a very high quality frame.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    looks great, and glad the crack monkeys at ThinkBrown™ got your bike to you safely!

  3. neat bike--congrats. just a thought about the e-brake and use of only one brake: wouldn't it be easier to use a cable splitter and run both brakes off of one lever? set it up so that the fronts hit first and do more braking and then you'd have the braking force of both brakes as well as the safety of two brakes should one fail. the chances of a cable breaking is so small especially with the braking load shared. just a thought.

  4. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Look at all the bike friends you have, Curtis! Great photos. I hear she's in the living room right now, but has yet to be ridden yet. Maybe this weekend?
    I was glad I was there for part of the 'birthing' process. Let's ride this summer--I may even let you beat me up some of the hills :)


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