Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dear Road Bike

Dear Road Bike,
You know I love you. I've loved you since the day I first saw you in 1987. Your Cannondale Black Lightning body, your matching parts, your golden highlights set my heart afire as they always have. Didn't I ride you 100K this weekend? Don't I buy you new tires at the slightest hint?
But I know you are wondering where I am during the week.
I confess.
That Red Cannondale F500 mountain bike you room with? Lost a lotta weight recently, no? The light wheels, the 1" Tom Slicks, the new 12-23 cluster.
I'm sure you noticed the new chain too.
Well, I guess you know who bought the chain. I guess you know who I've been riding to work every day.
It's not that things between us have changed, it's just that I've gotten older. I like -- maybe need -- a little suspension in the morning, in a way I didn't twenty years ago.
So, yes damn it, I'm riding to work every day, from now on, with Red. A cushy, quick, practical ride with a back pack.
But we'll still have the weekends, won't we? It's just that I have so many miles to give.
I knew you'd understand.
Yours forever,

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Dear Curtis--
    While my head understands your decision to ride the
    red bike
    more often and save me just for weekends, my heart is
    in a quandry. We've been together so long, you and I.
    When we first met, your allegiances were torn betweena Suburu and a Miata--now this! I feel as if you're going 'both ways' as it were. Can the two happlily exist together? Oil and water? Or ebony and ivory? Only time will tell.
    Please, if you must continue to see the other bike
    on workdays, don't forget me. Keep me lubed and my tires pumped. (Tricia told me the same thing, but wasn't referring to the bike). I know I'm your first love. Enjoy your time on the cute red one. I know you'll be back.

    Your Cannondale
    P.S. Why do you keep looking at new road bikes? Is
    this merely the beginning of the end? HUH??!?!
    --- c


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