Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fat ride on the American River

I'm at a journalism conference in Sacramento and I'm supposed to be working 24 hours a day. But I managed to sneak out every day and get in few miles along the American River Parkway trail. Jeeeezz, there's a zillion cyclists there. The place is packed with babes and too many guys with aero bars like they're time trialing at 13 mph. There are also lots of men in full team clothes that look painted on they are so tight. It might be cool if they didn't weigh 280 pounds. I'm pleased to see fat folks on bikes, after all, I'm a fat guy on a bike. We're out there getting healthy. But skin tight clothes? I mean skin tight as in every ripple showing off tight. Who lets them out of the house like that? Hey, large folks, a word for you: Baggy. Try it. You won't stretch the logos all out of shape. Reward yourself with that tight stuff when you get under 200.
UPDATE: UPS Tracking says bike delivery is still on schedule for Monday!
Days since bike order: 6

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