Sunday, March 18, 2007

Excuses, rationalizations

I've gone and done it. I have excuses.
  1. Tricia said "Well, if you don't ride it until you have 2000 miles that would still count."
  2. I'm so very close to 2000 I'll make it before the thing even arrives.
  3. Spring break is coming up, and I'll better have time to assemble it then.
  4. It will be really nice to have it dialed in before that Wildflower Chico ride we're doing.
  5. What if they ran out before I ordered. Then where would I be?
  6. I just got a little freelance money, so.. yeah.
  7. I only had to hit 160 pounds, and I'm at 150, so if I can count one extra pound lost for 15 miles, I'm still in spec. Think of it as pound/mile averaging.
  8. All I had to do was click one little button on the internet. How wrong can that be?
It turns out the carbon bike I wanted didn't have compact cranks after all, so I ordered the Motobecane Le Champion , all 15.5 pounds (sans pedals) of it.
I promise to photograph, blog and record every step of everything.
I'm doin' it for the children.
UPDATE: Also ordered Shimano Ultegra Pedals from an eBay auction and a 34-tooth chainwheel from BikeTiresDirect.

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  1. I saw a black Le Champion on the Mountain tonight. Looked good from up close.


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