Sunday, January 01, 2012

Year end ride, wrap up and mileage totals

Dec 31 2011 Empire Mine Road
December 31 2011, Empire Mine Road, last ride of the year.  iPhone photo.

I though Friday would be my last ride of 2011, but Tricia had a mileage goal to reach, and when I added up my 3 bikes stats I was just shy of 7500, so we rolled around Antioch until we got nice numbers.

Curtis  stats
Bike        Start           End          Total
Fixed/SS      573           1209          636
Commuter    10200          12560         2360 
Road         3146           7659         4513
                                   TOTAL 7509

Tricia  stats
Bike        Total
Commuter    2000
Road        4400
TOTAL       6400

2011 has been pretty good for riding. Highlights included:

The two bridges, three murder sites, squirrels and flowers ride, and Steven Cozza's Giro Bello Ride
We also managed to ride in California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We did a number of group rides and a few organized centuries. Tricia did her Cinderella, I did my Davis Double.

For 2012
I have yet to ride Tam, or the back of Hamilton, so they are still on the list. I signed up the 2012 Solvang Double. Tricia and I have a short summer tour planned.

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