Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years Day on Diablo

New years day Curtis on Diablo
Slow motion. Very slow motion.
Cliche or tradition? It's hard to say. But Tricia and I rode up to the Diablo summit to ring in 2012. It was a stunning day, and almost too warm, considering we left Antioch in the cold dark fog. By the time we were in Walnut Creek there wasn't a touch of fog, or a cloud in the sky.

There were many more cyclists than cars on the mountain. It made me smile. Back in the "Olden Days" of the 70s just seeing another rider was cause for celebration. Today we were everywhere.

I struggled up slowly today while Tricia looked great. Perhaps doing Pilates in the evening is more healthy than just drinking a glass of wine. Further research will be undertaken.

Now that we are two of those annoying iPhonies we can twitter and Facebook from the summit. So we did.  The best part for me is that the iPhone has a camera, and being that Tricia has one there's a possibility of there being photos of me as well as her on my blog.

New years day on Diablo 2012
Hello 2012! It's us! At the summit!


  1. I had intentions of getting over there today but, I was a little beat up from my workout yesterday and I wasn't sure what time you guy's would be riding up. Nice way to kick off the new year! Best wish's for 2012!

  2. I saw you ascending on my way down the mountain. Couldn't quite get a "hello" out before I went past.

    I always enjoy your blog - your writing and photography is definately a "cut above". Keep up the good work. See you on the mountain!


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