Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life and work vs training and goals

morro bay

It's an embarrassment of riches and lack of will power. Here I am at beautiful Morro Bay for a journalism faculty conference. I brought the bike, and it sits unused in the hotel room. What with the rain and the conference I've missed two days of riding. And to make matters worse, they feed us really well.

Last night Tricia and I went out to taste wine and eat cheese on the waterfront. She's lovely, the wine was delightful and cheese was suitably cheesey. But it didn't do anything to make me more ready for the Solvang Double. 

I hope I can get at least a short hard ride in after checkout before the drive home. At least the photos are coming out well.


  1. Jeesh...! Just for those two photos the trip was worth it IMHO! Nice shots. I love that area. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Wow, those are great photos. Really some of your best.
    But just remember...63 days until the Solvang Double :)

    1. It's OK. I did get my intervals in between the raindrops on Sunday, and the scales say I didn't totally undo my previous good work.


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