Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intervals on the trainer

Today is the first rain we've had in ages. So instead of getting to ride out in the real world, with sky and air and wind and hills, I set up the Kurt Kinetic trainer in the garage.

What a pain-in-the-butt difference. In this world there's riding a bike (fun) and riding the trainer (not so much.) Maybe it's because there is zero coasting, no joyous downhills after a climb, no variation in... much of anything. Whatever, it's not delightful. But as if that isn't enough, it's harder too. Maybe it's that constant no rest thing, but yikes, what a pain. Just doing my 8x3 after my bike commute was more work than a longer ride outside. The only thing that wasn't awful was that the garage was freakin' cold, so I didn't get a soaked as i might have.

I sure hope it pays off, because if it's not helping me get a lot stronger it's a really really really really stupid thing to be doing.

Note to blog readers: I promise not to log every workout I do, it's just that this actual planned effort thing is all new to me, so I'm just full of insights.

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  1. I have a Kirk Kintetic trainer also--good machine. To make riding on trainer interesting 1) run odomoter off your back wheel and time trial against your last session 2) surround yourself with 4 speakers


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