Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tricia and Curtis Los Vaqueros

Tricia and Curtis Los Vaqueros
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You just gotta love California. Here is in early March, the flowers are in bloom, and weather is a sunny 70. It was a perfect day for a ride. We knocked off forty-something miles that included Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Empire Mine Road, smiling as we went. It wasn't a fast day, it was just plain 'ol fun.

The only bad part was dropping by 2Real Bicycles in Brentwood only to discover they'd gone out of business when we weren't looking. They were a nice bunch of people and I'm sorry to see them go. We always tried to buy something every time we went in, even if it was small. I guess it just wasn't enough.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Nice pics, Curtis. I'm jealous of the greenery. Some of the trees in my neighborhood are just starting to leaf out, so great cycling weather is just around the corner.


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