Saturday, March 15, 2008

Los Altos Hills memorial ride

Tricia and I joined about 1000 other cyclists in a memorial ride in memory of cyclists Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson who were killed when a sheriff's car crashed into them on a training ride to Stevens Canyon in the Los Altos hills.

The ride was really a procession. We took over the highway on the ride from Foothill College to the crash site. Though it was a sad event, it was good to get to be with so many other cyclists. Even though we didn't know Matt and Kristy, we know cyclists who know them, and we share the same community. We rode with our Nor Cal Bike Forum friends, which made the ride all the more meaningful for us.

Mercury News moving story on the ride.
Mercury News video

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  1. Thank you for joining in on this ride. Seeing the love and support of the community made the day bearable. I rode Kristy's racing bike for the first and last time that day. Kristy had been killed less than a week before this ride and it all still seems so surreal. Kristy told me once when she was racing for the first time in Kona for the Ironman - when the wind shifted against her on her ride back she threw up her arms, started laughing hysterically, and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Bring it on!!" Yes Kristy, bring it on. We can withstand it all with someone like you to show the way. With love, Kristy Mom (to learn more about Kristy visit my site at:


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