Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Offensive Vacaville Reporter column

The Vacaville Reporter recently ran a lame "humor" column that included
"I hear they are remaking Sly Stalone's '70s picture "Death Race 2000." Here's hoping they film on the back roads of Solano and Yolo counties."

Great. Let's encourage people to run over cyclists. It was so wrong and off putting I wrote the letter to the editor
. They actually ran my letter, and also ran Tricia's letter.

A few days later the editor offered a low-sincerity apology that included:
"We're sorry the column wasn't received in the spirit it was intended."

I wrote them and pointed out that this isn't isn't exactly the same as "I'm sorry, we were wrong." but I guess it'll have to do.

I publicly challenge the editor and reporter to go for a bike ride with a local club as part of a real apology.

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  1. "ignore speed limits" - as in not riding at or above?
    Not pay for roads? I'd say most group riders drive to the ride or at least own a car. Doesn't property and/or state tax pay for roads?


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