Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm not Tricia

The gang from NorCal went on a 52 mile ride all West Contra Costa. It was a bit windy, but still, it was great to get out after all the rain we've had. Tricia was a an educator conference, so Joyce went with me. She wanted to be sure no one would think she was my wife, so she wore an "I'm not Tricia" name tag. (Though Pete still referred to her as "The tall Tricia, AKA Joyce" in a post on bikeforums.)

Though the day started overcast, the sun came out and we ended with another miracle California day. I love this state even more when the mustard blooms.

The Kestrel seems like a better bike every time I ride it. I got to decent through the highly textured road of Franklin Canyon on this ride. In the past the road quality has beaten me up pretty well. Now, through the magic of carbon fiber, I felt just fine at the end. What a blast!

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  1. All these Trisha clones are freakin me out dude...!
    Great ride BTW, too bad you missed the little climb at the end.


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