Monday, April 08, 2013

Party Pardee with Mumbo Gumbo

Party Pardee Mumbo Gumbo

It's all about the band. We decided to ride the Party Pardee metric out of Ione (sponsored by the Sacramento Bike Hikers) because Mumbo Gumbo was playing at the finish. They are just so much fun, and they even played one of my favorite tunes. We bought their new CD with the wonderful cheery song "Love Makes Me Stupid."

Our day started with the overcast sky spitting just a bit, but it never really rained, though we did have cool temperatures all day. The ride itself was California foothills-green-spring beautiful. The route doesn't have a ton of climbing, and it's only 64 miles. Still, it's a good workout if you push it, which we did despite my plan to just roll and enjoy. There were just too many short climbs I enjoy knocking myself out on to take it easy. As is so often the case on rides like this the strong riders pass me, and then I pass them on the climbs. I end up being passed by the same person six or seven times.

Party Pardee Tricia at Pardee

One highlight is riding over the dam at the Pardee Reservoir. It was built in 1929 and has a '29 feel to it.
There's a short climb after the dam where, at the top, a volunteer hands you a tasty lifesaver. It's that kind of ride.

Party PardeeTricia at winery

We also managed to get a little wine tasting in after the ride, and Tricia picked the spot she wants our mansion built.

Party Pardee Party Pardee Plymouth House Inn

After that much fun, and considering our day started at 4:30, we cleverly chose to stay at the Plymouth House Inn B&B for the evening. Breakfast was grand!


  1. Midland12:05 PM

    4,000 ft. is a fair bit of climbing.You may need to guide us on a ride out that way soon.

    1. I have a GREAT Ione loop we should do before it gets too hot.

  2. Riders gonna ride, haters gonna hate.

    "There are no achievements on this ride."
    Strava is hatin' on you again.

    1. It's the first time i Straved this, so unless I got an actual cup I wasn't going to get any PRs.


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