Sunday, March 31, 2013

Commutes, clouds and crazies

Empire Mine Road clouds 2

It's been a week. Yes it has.

On the up side, I managed to bike commute while on the job. I was asked to evaluate a teacher at another campus, which I was happy to do. I rode my bike there and ended up getting 42 miles.

I also rode to my optometrist appointment. It wasn't that far, but it included a heck of a climb  over Kirker Pass Road going there and back.

Sunday was a beautiful but cool day. Tricia and I rode a short local loop and enjoyed the clouds and green hills. I even managed to crack the top three of a short local Strava segment (Thanks unusual tail wind!)

Then on our way back we encountered another of Antioch's low-skill, high-aggression drivers.

As I rolled downhill I saw a car coming. I planned to turn left, so I slowed, and tried to figure out what she had planned. Even though she was moving pretty quickly, she had her emergency flashers blinking.

As she got to me, she made a looping left behind me, screaming "Just go!! Get out of the way!!" in a ear-shattering hideous cackle of a voice. (And yes, double exclamation marks are indeed warranted here.) I think she wanted me to turn left in front of her so she could cut the corner of her left turn, but I don't really know.

Antioch, oh Antioch...

WFT Antioch car drivers

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