Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poppies: Open; Base layer, arm warmers left behind

Poppies on Calavaras Rd

We took the toe warmers off the shoes, left the base layer and arm warmers in the car and launched for a short ride on the beautiful Calavaras Rd near Sunol. We were sneaking in a ride on the way to a social call in Cupertino. What a great idea it turned out to be.

Not only were the poppies out, but the weather was perfect. And as a bonus we were able to see the eagles nest — though we spotted no eagles — off in the distance.

This cycling thing seems to be catching on. I was amazed how many other cyclists we saw, including a club of Lithuanians in cool jerseys.

It was not an epic ride, but it sure was a delightful one.

Tricia at calavaras Road

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