Monday, April 29, 2013

The Spirit Rider of the Seasons

Wild Horse Pinhole number 1

I promised to write about public art in Antioch that I ride my bike past, but like so many projects, I've gotten a bit behind. But I'll try to get back on it.

This piece — "The Spirit Rider of the Seasons" — is right down the street from me. I rode my bike down the hill to photograph it with  my funky Panasonic GF2 and a pinhole lens for Worldwide Pinhole Day on Sunday, April 28.

I remember shooting this sculpture for the local, now defunct newspaper when it was being installed back in 1993. I met the artist, David Govedare as the large-scale steel sculpture was being attached to its concrete and granite base.

Like almost all public art in Antioch, this piece is slightly cheesy, but it's still my favorite in the city. And I enjoyed playing with my pinhole camera. I don't think I'll enjoy picking all the stickers out of my socks.

Wild Horse Pinhole number 2

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