Monday, March 18, 2013

Garage to Diablo Summit

poppies on Diablo

Curtis at Diablo SummitOne of the things that's great about bicycling is that you can do it right from your door. Tricia and I love riding new places, but always feel a touch bad when we use a car to get there.

I've always enjoyed a ride up Mt. Diablo. Every time seems somehow epic. Usually we drive over to Arbolado Park and ride from there. Today I thought I'd try to ride Mt. Diablo from home. There are... issues.

The big one is that there is no good way to get there. One involves riding on the freeway a bit. Not impossible, but not fun. It would be possible to ride Marsh Creek Road. But the commuter raceway that otherwise delightful road has become would make it a suicide mission. The remaining route is over Kirker Pass Road, another commuter zone. Today I thought I could wait out the crazy commute and ride over, then come back before the rush. It worked. I am still alive.

some rider going by on Diablo

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