Monday, March 11, 2013

Bicycling, B&B, art and dinner

Caution: Contains non-bicycle content

Tricia at the Crocker 3

happy coffeeTricia works too hard, so I thought as long as she was going to get worn out Sunday bike riding, she should have a fun Saturday. So we went to the Crocker Museum in Sacramento on Saturday. They have a whole new (to us, anyway) building that is gorgeous, connected to the classic old building, which is also gorgeous.

I dropped my iPhone just as we arrived. That's my smartPhone with all the weekend info on it — all of it. It stopped working. Fortunately I found a cell phone repair spot where the owner opened it and reconnected a loose connector or I'd still be lost in Sacramento.

I'd also not have had the name or address of the B&B we stayed at, Amber House. What a delightful place. Perhaps the best feature: coffee waiting outside the door in the morning. Mmmmmm. The breakfast was nice too.

Tapas the World, Tricia at dinner

The evening before we walked over to Tapas the World, and had an extra tasty dinner outside as the sun went down.

tricia with rino

Having indulged our own bad selves, we met Dan and Steve and went for a 65 mile ride with lots of hills, a safari-themed sub-division in the hills and a lunch stop in Auburn at Little Belgium, complete with photos of Eddie Merckx on the wall.


lunch with the gang

There was enough climbing that I'm still hurting, so it must have been a good weekend.
After lunch my Garmin choked, so the Strava stats are from Dan's computer. I'm not nearly as quick on the descents, rollers or flats. But the route is the same!

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  1. Midland3:53 PM

    Alway's nice to explore new roads. Too bad we missed out on extra climbing in Auburn. Though we probably made up for it on your blistering pace into Auburn. A highlight had to be "The Little Belgium Deli" with Eddy Mercyx on the wall, and yes I should have purchased those bad ass Castelli bibs at Victory Velo. The lowlight was the traffic on the way home.Good ride, looking forward to next time.


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