Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tour della Vigne 2017 — Lodi

With our summer bike tour quickly approaching and with Tricia's wrist still in titanium-plated healing mode, she figured the best thing to do was sign us up for a century. So she did. She's not crazy. She had a plan: Instead of riding the flat metric they offer, ride the century route that included some climbing around Lake Comanche and Pardee Reservoir, then cut off the last 20 boring flat miles. So we did.

We hadn't planned on the ninety degree plus weather we got, but we started early and finished just as we started to really bake. We might not have felt as hot if it hadn't been the first hot riding day we'd had this season. 

Tricia's wrist hurt, but she toughed it out. Neither of us are prone to foot issues, but for some reason — maybe lack of hot weather practice — we both got uncomfortable feet.

Tricia, who wore her "And yet she persisted" jersey, was tickled to see a "Persevere" street sign.

After the ride we were beat, so we stopped for some medicinal processed grape extract at McCay Cellars.

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