Thursday, May 18, 2017

Helmets are tough


Don't worry, this is an old helmet I'd kept for no good reason. It had a crack in the inside styrofoam (or whatever it is) liner. I think I was from when I was mugged. I'd kept it, but that's silly. It was time to have it gone.

I'd read that one should cut the straps so no one will find it in the trash and use it. I did that. Then just to see what would happen, I decided to hit it with a hammer and find out how tough helmets really are.

They're tough. This took a handful of full on total leverage serious swings. The first couple just bounced off. I had to really try to inflict this much damage.

I know that helmets are designed to decelerate your head so your brain isn't jarred, and that stopping hammer blows and the like isn't their primary purpose. But still, it was nice to discover  that they do a good job doing so.

Goodbye Catlike!

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