Monday, May 15, 2017

Amgen Tour of California 2017 Ryer Island

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When Rich, and old friend, messaged his plan to ride out to Ryer Island in the California Delta to watch the Tour of California pass by not one, but three times, Tricia quickly replied "IN!"

On a beautiful California Day we met at Clarksburg and rode a leisurely 15 miles to the bridge he'd picked. We waited by the bridge until the cycling gods came past, ever so fast and ever so effortlessly. First the four-man break, than two minutes later, the peloton. Then another lap, then a turn to leave the island. What a blast.

Sure, standing by the roadside sounds boring, but with good company and bikes to drool on it's pretty cool. Really. I even managed to shoot video as they went by so many times.
Crossing the bridge onto Ryer Island

Leaving Ryer Island

Our leader, Rich, in the green jersey

A short clip of the second lap

Tricia shot this video of the peloton leaving the island

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