Sunday, March 27, 2016

Antioch Wildhorse and Hillcrest intersection dangers

The traffic light where Wildhorse crosses Hillcrest in Antioch CA is extremely dangerous. Often the sensor doesn't detect bikes, even heavy metal commuter bikes loaded with full panniers.

But what's worse is that it often stays green for a dangerously short amount of time. Such a short time it's impossible to cross before it turns red. And still worse, there's no delay before the Hillcrest light turns green, trapping we cyclists in the 45 mph cross traffic.

This isn't unusual. Every light on Hillcrest cross streets has issues registering a cyclists presence. From Wildflower to Golden Bear to Country Hills the lights don't see cyclists, and when they do the change at an impossibly unrealistic speed.

 Consider this blog post a public complaint and a plea to the City of Antioch to correct these unsafe intersections before some tragedy occurs.

UPDATE: I got an reply the Tuesday after I posted this. I could not be more happy.

Hi Curtis.  Thank you for your input.  Changing the short green is something that can be done quickly and I will have it corrected this week at all of the intersections along Hillcrest.  The detection is a little trickier.  I will have the detector loops marked so you (and other cyclists) know where to stop.  Stopping on one of the lines of the loop is the best place to get detected.  They are the old style and it is a fine line to get them to detect bikes, but not lock up and see a vehicle all the time.  I will work on that.  Again, thank you for letting me know.  I'd much prefer to get a "complaint" than learn there was an accident.  Thanks again.

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