Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3D printed bike parts

Rear view 3D printed mounts
When I wanted to hang tail lights, a trailer hitch, a Fly6 rear facing camera and still have room for a seat bag there just wasn't enough room on my seat post, or a way to do it.

Enter the 3D printing community. It turns out there are people custom designing mounts for lights and cameras and offering them for sale on
I met Bud Hammerton in the Electronics, Lighting, & Gadgets forum on He'd made a lot of things using a GoPro style mount and, at my request, created a twin GoPro mount for my rear rack as well as a GoPro mounts to hold my Fly6, my PlanetBike Superflash and my Cigolite Hotshot. He posted them in his store on Shapeways and I bought them. I'm pretty darn thrilled and find myself what other custom elements my bike could use.
Fly6 Cigolite and Superflash,  Shapeways 3D printed mounts_0011
Fly6 mount, Cygolite Hotshot mount, Superflash mount, all connect to a GoPro mount.
Shapeways 3D printed mount and CatEye SuperFlash mount
Top: 3D printed dual GoPro style rack mount. Bottom: the standard Superflash rack mount.
Side view #D Shapeways printed mounts_0029
Side view.

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