Saturday, January 30, 2016

Selle Italia SLK

Look! More pieces for my bike that isn't here yet. I have this model of saddle on my road bike, and also had one on my bike that was destroyed. It's the perfect saddle for me. And as a bonus, I found it on eBay for not-a-ton of money.  I don't think it's made any longer and I'm very tempted to buy another just in case. I've had, like most cyclists, more than  few saddles. They've ranged from cheap to expensive, they've come on bikes, or I've purchased them separately. Finding one that's right for your own buns is so important. This is the one for me, and now it's just waiting for a bike.

As a side note, I used my LED bike light to light this. I may have found a pretty cool, and very portable, photography tool.

Bonus fun: The caption in this Instagram photo is a lie, created just to amuse them, but it was indeed fun to run into these cool folks on our ride.

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