Monday, January 25, 2016

Hillcrest Ave, Wallmart and bikes

Tricia wasn't happy to have this truck blow past her so closely, even dipping into the bike lane. Especially on Hillcrest Ave in Antioch where we were given to understand didn't allow these big rigs.

So she used the City of  Antioch web site to report this as a hazardous condition using their online form, and asked if it was still closed to trucks.

One day later she got a reply! Thanks Lynne, and the City of Antioch.

Hi Patricia,
You are correct, trucks are not allowed on Hillcrest.  I am the person in charge of the signs and will be making sure they are all in place with the freeway construction, etc.  Your request has been forwarded on to the police department.  If just a few tickets are issued for trucks off of the truck route, I’m sure the word will get around.


LYNNE B. FILSON | Assistant City Engineer

When I made the video and posted it on YouTube I called the truck a "Walmart truck." Minutes later "BigMississippi" corrected me. "That's not a Walmart truck. It was a C.R.England truck pulling a Walmart trailer." On close inspection she's right. However, I can only assume it's a Walmart contractor, which from my viewpoint is darn near the same thing. But, accuracy counts, hence this clarification.

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