Friday, January 08, 2016

Interim commuter bike appointed

I'm using my 70s-era Gitane Tour de France turned fixed gear/single speed to commute on until my new commuter arrives. I've got my lights, my Rideye front-facing camera and and Fly6 rear facing camera set up. I even have my Garmin 500 mounted on it. I don't have a rack, so I'm using a backpack for now. I just got the SKS Raceblade fenders because it's been so wet and it will be a bit until my new ride arrives. So my guess is that the rain is over now and I've screwed up California's drought recovery.

Looking on Youtube for mounting hints I got a lot of "Jeez these are hard to mount" videos. I don't know why. Mine went on very easily. I should bend the metal wires on the back fender to bring the fender closer to the rear tire. I tried, and was impressed how hard it was to bend them, I'll try later with more serious tools. 

Just in case you're wondering, those small white stickers are "I Voted" and "Ya Voté" stickers from our local polling place. Tricia and I usually ride to vote and put the stickers on our bikes and helmets.

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