Sunday, October 19, 2014

Foxy's Fall, 2014

tricia, foxy's fall century 2014

My new aerodynamic vest is so tight that there wasn't room for my camera in my jersey pocket.  Really. It had nothing to do with my winter-is-coming weight gain. I was able to use my iPhone to make a few out-of-focus snapshots that were generally disappointing.

But the weather was wonderful, though it turns out that 100 miles is still a long way, even without a lot of climbing. I'm sure it didn't help that I hadn't trained a bit. Even though this year I have a double century under my belt, and spent two weeks cycle touring I haven't done much lately but commute.

So, this uninspiring post is just to note that Tricia and I did indeed ride Foxy's. Again.

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  1. Midland5:33 PM

    I think the lack of photos was caused by you haulin' butt all day(saw a lot of hardware on your Strava page)


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