Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Black and white challenge, with bicycles

Dark bike commute B&W 3
My old friend and fellow photographer Victoria Sheridan sent me a challenge to post a Black and White photograph every day for five days on Facebook. I took it on, but considering I teach weird hours, have no life, and commute in the dark it's pretty hard to be anywhere interesting. It turns out that if I squint just right, and look in very narrow directions, my daily bike commute can look almost not-so-bad. So two of my three #blackandwhitechallenge photos are from my commute.

The cyclist photo was made behind my college. The water photo is of the canal between the dump and a trailer park on my ride home.

Canal, bike commute in the dark, #blackandwhitechallenge

1 comment:

  1. Midland10:17 AM

    I like the feel of the canal shot. Kinda grey and moody, almost ominous.


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