Thursday, October 02, 2014

Delta De Anza Ridgeline Trail opens

Ridgeline Delta De Anza Trail opens_0343

signs Delta De Anza Trail opens_0331At long last the section of the Delta De Anza Trail connecting Antioch to Oakley is open. Cyclists have been waiting years and years for it, and now it's here. I'm not sure what the hold up was, but I'm relieved it has happened at last.

I also like the sign my bike is leaning against. I wish the all trails were signed like this, perhaps also including arrows pointing where they're going. But for now I'll take this, and be happy about it.

The trail connects from Ridgeline Dr, runs past a none-too-pretty water treatment plant and chain link fences, under Highway 4 and out to Neroly Road in Oakley. It isn't scenic in a classical sense, but it's sure beautiful to me.  I don't even mind the slight hill.

I also hope this signals a new awareness of the importance of connecting bike routes and paths.  As nice as many paths are, many don't connect to anything, and just leave cyclist standing over their bikes wondering what to do. Think I'm kidding? Try riding the Mokelumne Trail to Brentwood. It just stops, as in dead ends, right at Highway 4.

But enough complaining. I'm celebrating this trail today!
Delta De Anza trail opens here

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