Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delta Pedalers Old Farts' Ride

Tricia poppies Diablo with Delta Pedlars_0650

Dave and Dick, Diablo with Delta Pedlars_0660 Tricia and I have been members of the Delta Pedlaers Cycling Club for ages, but we seldom get to ride with them. We like to support their advocacy efforts, but our schedules rarely align. Today was different. We joined Dave and Dick, along with other club members, for their birthday ride (they call The Old Fartt' Ride) up Mt. Diablo. Not only was it a wonderful day, but I got to ride with people who are older than me for a change.

The day didn't start nearly as well as it ended up. When Tricia (who, for the record, rode with, but is not herself an old fart) and I arrived at the ride start I realized that, even though I had gotten up early, prepared carefully and even had a few spare minutes to sweep the garage before we left I had failed to put my cycling shoes in the car. I was ready to bag the whole day, but imperturbable Tricia took charge and drove us home and then back.

Once we got rolling the day was amazing. Warm weather, clear skies and California poppies – what's not to love.

We figured we'd missed the group, but as we neared the summit there they were coming down. They waited for us at the junction and we descended the mountain, ending up at Rocco's Italian restaurant for beers and lunch. Just another wonderful Saturday.

Tricia near Devils Elbow, Diablo,  Delta Pedlars


  1. Delta Pedalers Old Fart's Ride

    or is it Old Farts' Ride ???

    Skipped The Wall?

  2. Thanks for the edit, and yes, skipped the wall for the first time. People were waiting at the junction for us. That, and famed blogger Diablo Scott once said that the parking lot still counts.


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