Sunday, September 29, 2013

Joyce's new Colnago

Joyce's new Colnago
 Our good friend Joyce got a new bike, and not just any bike, but a bike with the much-storied name of Colnago on the downtube. It's a beautiful matte black with subtle white highlights, lots of Ultegra and cool, swoopy lines.

Joyce and Tricia at at Big BreakShe dragged it out to East Contra Costa to ride our Brentwood loop with us.It was a stunning day, with clear air and light winds. It might have been perfect if we hadn't have had two flats. Yep, it's getting to be goathead season out here again. Yech. Still, our short stop at the Big Break Regional Shoreline Park in Oakley and the car-free Hoffman Road with it's Diablo view are some of the reasons it's nice to ride out here. And, best of all, and most unusual: no wind!

 I'm happy because I snagged some PRs, a few of which are longer than just a few feet and I really worked for.

Joyce on Hoffman Rd

Of course, it isn't really a ride in East Contra Costa unless you see one weird thing. Today it was this sign, hanging off the back of a very loaded bicycle flying a tattered American flag.

Ridin' for Jesus

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