Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall: Diablo Summit

First day Fall, Diablo summmit_post fire
Dan (LanceOldStrong to his fans) lead Tricia and I up Diablo to the summit and back through one of his "sneakin' through neighborhoods" routes. As always, there is a bit of an area I thought I knew, a weird cut-through, and a spot that wasn't meant for bikes, but works anyway.

First day Fall, Diablo summmit Tricia and CurtisThe mountain looks burned, but not so burned it won't come back. I understand no homes were lost, and no people injured, so the news is all pretty good. Of course, it looks black in a lot of spots now, but those who know this sort of stuff insist the mountain is healthy and next seasons wild flowers will be glorious. I hope they're right.

We had an easy ride, except for the North Gate entrance to the junction. I thought I'd see if my weight loss effort was paying off and did what I could to get up quickly. I snagged a good fist full of PRs so my project must be paying off. I am, however, still behind the PRs of the folks I ride with a lot, so my head isn't getting too big. After the junction we just rode a lazy pace to the summit. Well, as lazy as the mountain would let us.

First day Fall, Diablo summmit Dan and Tricia

Strava doesn't seem to want to be able to embed this map, so if you want to see all my PRs (and who wouldn't) you'll need to click right about here.

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  1. I thought I saw Dan descending yesterday. :-) We drove up and hiked out to Frog Pond to get pictures of the burned areas. Nice hike, but there is no pond..



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