Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Clouds, with mink and heron with Stephen King

Ride with Tricia and clouds with Mt. Diablo (cropped)
Some days you ride, and some days you ride and see things. We left home on Labor Day under beautiful cloud cover, and actually were rained on just a little, and we saw a bunch of cool stuff.

Wikipedia photo
We couldn't resist stopping to make photos. Not only were the clouds great, but the air was clear and Mt. Diablo looked grand in the distance. And as if that weren't enough, as we rode along the Marsh Creek Trail we saw an American Mink. It was too far away to shoot with the iPhone, but this is the second time we've seen it, more clearly this time; clearly enough East Bay Parks naturalists to identify it for us. It was pretty exciting to see something in the creek that wasn't plastic, or, as Tricia said, planted there just for us to see.

Then we saw the slow-motion appearing flight of a great blue heron. What magnificent birds. They really look like dinosaurs when they float across the sky.

We also stopped along the trail for  what Tricia says looks like a scene from a Stephen King story: A dead tree, and lurking in the background across a brown-dead field, boarded up houses. And not just regular houses, three-story houses, where we are sure bad things happened.

Ride with Tricia, clouds, heron, minkstephen king novel

Of course, no day is perfect, so we topped it off with a flat. But we are looking on the bright side. The rear tire is pretty much worn out, the front tire is close behind, so we get to go tire shopping! That passes for big fun in the Corlew-Campbell household.

Ride with Tricia, clouds and Mt. Diablo


  1. Midland10:28 AM

    Nice post Curtis.Good to be reminded cycling can be about whatever you want it to be.Seeing a hawk was the hi-light of yesterday's ride.

  2. You don't want to shoot an American Mink with an I-phone.
    Most people use traps so the pelt is not pierced by a projectile.

    Fur collars are all the rage on jerseys for the cold weather this fall.


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