Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photography child — sight return

Dan's Bike_A

I don't have much of an opportunity these days to revisit my photography career. Even though I teach photography, I don't actually shoot very much any more. When  I do shoot it's mostly just bicycle-related snapshots for this blog, or demonstrations for class. So when LanceOldStrong asked if I'd make a photo of his bike for a project he's working on I was thrilled to have an "assignment" again.

This is one of my efforts for that assignment. I tried to evoke some sense of non-specific nostalgia with the picket fence and the out-of-focus lad on the steps. I hope cycling enthusiasts will recognize the La Vie Claire colors of Lemond and Hinault on the jersey. At least that was my plan.


  1. Kind of like that bike is the net result of technology formulated in the 80's
    A lot of different stories going on...that's a photograph!

  2. Georges Pelpel10:43 AM

    I instantly recognized the jersey. It's a great choice on a nostalgia standpoint but I think it couldn't have been better on the photographic side. The yellow and the bits of red wonderfully connect the bike and the rider together.

    And yeah it reminds some old glorious TdF times. While you guys were routing for Lemond as a fellow Breton I was a huge Hinault fan.


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